Episode 47: Things a Grown-Up Would Do


Podcast News:

Please check out the coupon codes from Geektasticfibers, frogprincess21ca, yarngirlvt and (received this code after recording) jesseknits in the coupon code thread. P.S. The Fiber Stash coupon code can be used in person at Connecticut Sheep & Wool on April 29th, 2017.

Announcing a crochet-a-long! Current rules are one entry per person, you must be a member of the group to be eligible to win, and projects must be 20 grams or more. This will run the month of April. You may double dip in other CALs and make-alongs. The prize is a bag from Woolridge Designs. (Yes, I know it’s knitting sheep. It’s my fault for making it a crochet-a-long prize.)


January in/out:
In – 2127 yards
Out – 891.3
Total: positive 1235.7 yards
You can see more details on stash and projects on my website.

Word of the day: hoary

Podcasts I’ve been watching: Victoria Knits with VictoriaJean, DenKnits with denmoma, Nekozuki Knits with NekozukiKnits, and The Yarn and I Capi with theyarnandi.


I destashed 3 skeins of Lion Brand Pamela
CVM (California Variegated Mutant) fiber from a friend
Bag, earrings and progress keeper from Woolridge Designs
A package (with lovely yarn) from Geektastic Fibers

Running Through Socks

Working On:
pink fiber on a drop spindle
Running Through Socks #2
Knit Triangle Shawl #yarntwinsies
Knitted Patchwork Recipe
Fireworks Hitchhiker

Extra Credit:
cross stitch progress

On the Edge:
Back to exercising and feeling good!
I joined Weight Watchers

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January 2017 In/Out

Stash In:

Littlebean Loves Hand Painted Yarn Every Day Sock (blank) in Gillyweed – 463 yards

Littlebean Loves Hand Painted Yarn Luxe Sock in Amortentia – 435 yards

Fiber Stash Strong Toes Sock Blank – 463 yards

Caron Cakes in Key Lime – 766 yards


Stash In Total: 2127 yards


Stash Out:

Alternating Current – 198 yards

Scarlet Ribbed Scarf #1 – 522.5 yards

Magdolna -170.8 yards


Stash Out Total: 891.3 yards


January Total: 1235.7  yards

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August – December 2016 stash in/out

So this won’t be completely accurate since I got some partial skeins with no yardage, but it will at least give me a better idea of stash in vs. stash out.

2016 stash in: (August-December)

7095.2 yards

2016 stash out: (August-December)

4161.9 yards

For a net gain of: 2933.3 yards

If you want to get picky, I received/did not buy 2169 yards of yarn, which brings the total gain down to 764.3 yards. I like to count it anyway as it is, quite frankly, stash.

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December 2016 In/Out

Stash In:

Red Heart With Love Multis – 360 yards

Stash In Total: 360 yards


Stash Out:

Test DK Socks – 199.3 yards

Holiday 2016 Socks – 294.5 yards

Stash Out Total: 493.8 yards

December Total: -133.8  yards

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November 2016 In/Out

Stash In:


Sonder Yarns Worsted in Storm Cloud – 220 yards

Fiber Stash Dyeworks Tweedy Toes in Vampiress – 438 yards

Fiber Stash Test DK in Robert Crawley – 246 yards

Fiber Stash Test MCN in Princess Mandy – 435 yards


Stash In Total: 1339  yards


Stash Out:


Baker Street Toe-Up Socks – 296.5 yards

Carrie – 340 yards

Stash Out Total: 636.5.5  yards

November Total: 702.5  yards

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October 2016 In/Out

Stash In:

Fiber Stash Strong Sock Blank – 400 yards

Plymouth Yarn Stiletto in 823 Villandry – 384 yards

Tanis Fiber Arts Cosmic Blue Label Fingering Weight in Lemongrass – 420 yards

Gynx Yarns BFL Sock in Extra – 438 yards

Blue Moon Fiber Arts Super Sparkle in Rhinebeck 2016 – 400 yards

Fiber Optic Yarns Foot Notes in Ellie – 420 yards

Brandi handspun, Jujabees Fiber Julietta – 270 yards


Stash In Total: 2732 yards

Stash Out:

Fiber Optic Toe-Up Socks – 262.5 yards

Frankensocks – 249.2 yards


Stash Out Total: 511.7 yards

October Total: 2220.3 yards

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September 2016 In/Out

Stash In:

Opal Klangwelten Popmusik 464.8 yards

Stash In Total: 464.8 yards


Stash Out:

Clouds & Rainbows Socks – 298.8 yards

Barley Hat – 105 yards

Qwist Mitts – 142.4 yards

Josefin – 1101.8 yards

Sea Grass Socks – 245.7 yards

Stash Out Total: 1893.7 yards

September Total: -1428.9 yards

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August 2016 In/Out

Stash In:

Caron Cakes Buttercream – 383 yards

Caron Cakes Bumbleberry – 383 yards

Loops & Threads Woolike Black – 678 yards

Loops & Threads Woolike White – 678 yards

West Yorkshire Spinners Wood Pigeon – 437.4

Stash In Total: 2559.4 yards


Stash Out:

Hermione’s Everyday Socks – 310.8 yards

Agatha #2 – 315.4 yards

Stash Out Total: 626.2 yards

August Total: 1933.2



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Earring List

Below you’ll find close-up pictures of the earrings I’ve worn on the podcast, along with any information I have about the maker or where I bought them.

Episode 27: No Cats Were Harmed

episode 27

Episode 28: But Wait, There’s More!

episode 28

I bought these from Claire’s probably a decade ago (showing my age, aren’t I).

Episode 29: Start the Timer!

episode 29


Episode 30: Attack of the WIPs


These were made by a woman local to me in New Hampshire.

Episode 31: Department of Redundancy Department


Dichroic glass.


Episode 32: The Gimme Pig


From the awesome Katrinkles.

Episode 33: Of Zooterkins and Rainbows


I got these at the 2015 League of New Hampshire Craftsmen Craftsmen’s Fair, but I don’t remember the vendor.


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Episode 22: The One With Three Beginnings

Congratulations to the winner of the Breckon Wick Cowl for my 200 YouTube subscriber giveaway! I’ve contacted the designer with your information and you should be receiving that soon.


Qwist Hat pattern by Melanie Berg (#getyouryarnwishesgranted)

(My thanks to Misha’s Obsessions, who offered to grant one of my wishes but was unable to as I am too picky!)

LuvKnotz Unicorn Poop

Night Owl Fibers Sea Grass & goodies

Voolenvine Yarns Holly Jolly on the Blitzed Base

I went shopping with Claire of the NH Knits podcast, and picked up a felting foam mat and felting needles, as well as some Rowan Purelife British Sheep Breeds DK in Grey Suffolk

Angora spinning fiber from Bit O’Heaven Fiber Farm in Hillsborough, NH

Noro Rainbow Roll in 1019

Nashua Handknits Best Foot Forward in 7330

Working On:

Holly Jolly Folly Socks in Voolenvine Yarns Holly Jolly

Sock yarn blanket

Finished Objects:

Wurmlike Hat

Glacier Socks



Karbonz needles, size 0

Wee Knot Bag from The Tangled Skein CA (Please see the coupon codes thread for a special coupon from Sue!)


Helping The CATT Lady with her Friday night VKNs – check the VKN thread for the next time I am co-hosting or back-up!

Extra Credit:

Cross stitch

On The Edge:

Taught my mom to FaceTime

Burt’s Buzz

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