Episode 14: Sudden Death Match

Welcome, all viewers! I will be holding a giveaway when I hit 100 YouTube subscribers (it will take a while!) I need to figure out what the prize will be, but it will probably be yarn, and I will ship internationally.



Quince & Co Piper in Odessa, 3 skeins (from Nido in Burlington, VT)

Still waiting on my Mad Geek Tour shipment


Finished Object:

Scrappy pink socks (Plymouth Yarn Neon Now)


In Progress: 

Drop Stitch Scarf (Araucania Ruca)

Knitted Patchwork Blanket – 3 new squares

Toe-up Socks in Knit Picks Stroll in Vibrant Violet using my Chiagoo needles


Tour de Fleece:

Finished plying my Contented Butterfly Farm Wee Beastie Batt (wool, mohair, silk). A little under 60 yards, 1 ounce

Still working on my Fiber Stash Polwarth on my Contented Butterfly Farm drop spindle

I started some Cozy Rabbit Farm merino/silk/Tencel/angelina/firestar/angora, 2 ounces

I spun every day of the tour except for yesterday, because we got back home so late. I didn’t take any rest days, so let’s just count that as a belated rest day!

I only finished the one yarn, but feel much more confident with my spindles.


On the Edge:

No progress in War and Peace – still 73%

We went to Burlington, VT for a Lake Monsters game – go Connecticut!

Ozy’s a girl!



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