The Uncreative Crafter Episode 4: First in the History of History

Finished Objects:

Fallmas socks in Unwind Yarn Company Journey Sock in Merry Fallmas

Plymouth Yarn Happy Feet socks in colorway 21

Inglenook Fibers spinning



Working On:

Sockhead Hat in Classic Elite Yarns Alpaca Sox, in colorway 1804 (posted about it on Instagram back in 8/12)

Fiber Stash spin in pink BFL

Name That Colorway!:

Jamie’s Sweater

Ocean Temperature Map

The Long Crawl:

Finally warped the loom! Fiber Stash Twinkle Toes in the colorway StormCoast (no pic in the episode, but there’s one on my Instagram)

You Go, Guys!:

Fiber Stash/Kristie was accepted to CT Sheep & Wool! (She has also offered to sponsor a giveaway – let me know if you’re interested!)

Betsy of PatPat’s Hats was recognized as one of The 100

Shout-out to everyone who has joined the new Ravelry group! (Also, check out yarntalk’s video podcast, Why I Knit)

On the Edge:

Glitter dipped mugs are on my crafting horizon

Birchbox came – I really enjoyed the Cynthia Rowley Beauty Creamy Lip Stain, but I would purchase in a more neutral color. I also liked the Harvey Prince Hello perfume.

Binge-watching 90s shows, specifically The Sentinel and Frasier

War and Peace – I am back to reading it. Thought I’d gotten out of the war and into the peace, but nope, still war.

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2 Responses to The Uncreative Crafter Episode 4: First in the History of History

  1. Rayna says:

    First, I want to say thanks for the shoutout. Second, I think you’re doing a great job because I don’t usually watch podcasts, and I’m watching yours!

    I think that silver/grey should be called Silver Linings, ’cause all storm clouds have silver linings, right? And congrats on having that beautiful colorway named for you.

    I think Ocean Temp Map is a great name for that hat!

    Also thanks for mentioning PatPat’s Hats award. She’s in some fabulous company. Congrats to her!

    I’m looking forward to seeing the glitter mugs. I read a comment where someone applied glitter to wine glass stems. That sounds cool too.

    • Jen Jen says:

      Well, that is possibly the best compliment ever! Thank you so much! It turns out the actual colorway name IS silver/grey, oops! 😛 Once I get the glitter thing down, it’s on!

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