FO: Jitterbug 8 Stitches Per Inch Socks

Yay, I finished another pair of socks! The shine hasn’t quite worn off my new-found addiction, so that’s good.

Pattern: 8 Stitches Per Inch Socks from Get Started Knitting Socks

Yarn: Colinette Jitterbug in colorway Aegean, approximately 104 g/225.8 yards

Timeline: 4.7.14 – 5.7.14

Needles: DPNs, US size 0


My Modifications: I used the Twisted German cast-on, but it’s still not stretchy enough for my calves. Next time, I’ll either cast-on over two needles or make the legs shorter. Or do them toe-up. I have options. I also did an Eye of Partridge heel. The fit seems a bit long. I’m still learning how to fit things to my foot.


Opinions: The yarn was really nice to work with, although it’s bleeding in its bath as I type. In fact, I washed it before I started and it bled then, too. All 6+ times I rinsed it. No loss of color vibrancy, so that’s awesome, but definitely a handwash item for now. I’m also a bit nervous to wear a superwash with no nylon content in my shoes, but it’s worth a try. I LOVE the colors Colinette puts out, and if these wear well, I think I’d use the yarn again, although I hate using 0s. (So freakin’ tiny.) It was also great to use some stash from 2010.

I’m ready to move on to some different patterns and techniques, but this pattern really helped me get a sense of sock construction (and how to trouble-shoot). I would definitely use it (and the book) again for generic gift socks, assuming I love anyone enough to knit them socks!

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2 Responses to FO: Jitterbug 8 Stitches Per Inch Socks

  1. Mandy says:

    I love that vibrant blue……

    • Jen Jen says:

      Isn’t it awesome? I have to hand-wash these separately because they bleed so much, but it makes me so darn happy to look at them!

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