Vermont Sheep & Wool Festival 2013

Warning! This post is going to be pic-heavy. But if you stick around, there’s a fun bit at the end.


Frabjulous Fibers Silky Cashmerino (70% superfine merino/15% cashmere/15% mulberry silk) in colorway #137 Balsam, 4 ounces. Purchased from Six Loose Ladies.


“Knit For Brains” bag, purchased from Six Loose Ladies (but the tag indicates it’s from Knerdshop).


Good Fibrations 100% acid-dyed Merino, 4 ounces. (She was helpful back in 2011, so I wanted to go back and support her now that I have my wheel.)


Cozy Rabbit Farm Merino/silk (split into two 2 ounce … are they batts? Actually, I have no idea) in colorway Bay Breeze.


Cozy Rabbit Farm hand-carded roving. Merino/silk/Tencel/Angelina/firestar/angora, 2 ounces.


I wish I could tell you who I bought this from, but I think he was a last-minute addition or booth change, since the name on the program isn’t the name of the vendor. He was really nice, though! 1 ounce each of the most awesomely bright pink & yellow, some kind of wool.


Box bag from Stitched by JessaLu. This gets three pictures, because it’s pretty awesome. Lovely Starry Night exterior …


… with a really beautiful night-sky interior. The only thing that would have made it better, in my opinion, would be an exploding TARDIS. Sigh.


I mentioned this to JessaLu, and she very gently turned the bag around to show me the surprise on the back. I will not lie, I jumped up and down in a circle and squealed. I think I made her day. Also, I only noticed when I got home that the charm on the zipper pull was a bee. (I guess all of her box bags have a bee pull, but The Unicorn and the Wasp. I rest my case.) I love this woman. Also, I regularly look up her tutorial on plying from a center-pull ball, and actually recognized her from that first.


100% llama from Northern Vermont Llama Co., 4 ounces.


Green Mountain Romneys … well … Romney. 2 ounces each undyed and vermillion. (Fun fact: the woman who owns this business works for the same company as my husband, and even though she’s met me, like, once, she recognized me and greeted me by name.)


Fiber Stash Polwarth, 4 ounces.


Fiber Stash Twinkle Toes (75% Merino/20% nylon/5% sparkle) in colorway StormCoast. Yeah, you heard me. I have a yarn colorway named after me. I win.



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3 Responses to Vermont Sheep & Wool Festival 2013

  1. Kate says:

    Mmmm, fiber! Looks delicious, have fun spinning! I’m going yarn crawling on Saturday, I can’t wait to have another picture heavy post of my own, haha

  2. Alicia says:

    What a great haul! I really need to get myself to a fiber festival…

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