Earring List

Below you’ll find close-up pictures of the earrings I’ve worn on the podcast, along with any information I have about the maker or where I bought them.

Episode 27: No Cats Were Harmed

episode 27

Episode 28: But Wait, There’s More!

episode 28

I bought these from Claire’s probably a decade ago (showing my age, aren’t I).

Episode 29: Start the Timer!

episode 29


Episode 30: Attack of the WIPs


These were made by a woman local to me in New Hampshire.

Episode 31: Department of Redundancy Department


Dichroic glass.


Episode 32: The Gimme Pig


From the awesome Katrinkles.

Episode 33: Of Zooterkins and Rainbows


I got these at the 2015 League of New Hampshire Craftsmen Craftsmen’s Fair, but I don’t remember the vendor.


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