Episode 18: The Drinking Game



minis from mandypinecone

minis from Serenova


Grover cloths (Red Heart Scrubby)

Working On:

Summer Evening Blarf (crochet!) by Esther Sandrof (free Ravelry download)

Agatha Socks, designed by Claire of the NH Knits podcast

Finished spinning half of the Polwarth from Fiber Stash

Time Traveler socks (Knit Picks Felici)

I have joined Periscope as StormCoast.

Vermont Sheep & Wool:

I bought from Fiber Stash, Hampton Fiber Mill, and Contented Butterfly Farm.

Fiber Stash giveaway!

I’m going to Rhinebeck.

Extra Credit:


You Go, Guys!

Andrea/TheCATTLady hit 100 members in both her Ravelry group and her YouTube subscribers

Amanda from the Stitching Ewe & More podcast opened an Etsy shop, Stitched Together 4G

Jennifer of Contented Butterfly Farm released the Breckon Wick Cowl pattern

On The Edge:

90% done with War and Peace

We’re making some salted caramel port!

Blood moon eclipse

Find me on:

Ravelry podcast group


Instagram: StormCoast

Periscope: StormCoast


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