The Uncreative Crafter Episode 4: First in the History of History

Finished Objects:

Fallmas socks in Unwind Yarn Company Journey Sock in Merry Fallmas

Plymouth Yarn Happy Feet socks in colorway 21

Inglenook Fibers spinning



Working On:

Sockhead Hat in Classic Elite Yarns Alpaca Sox, in colorway 1804 (posted about it on Instagram back in 8/12)

Fiber Stash spin in pink BFL

Name That Colorway!:

Jamie’s Sweater

Ocean Temperature Map

The Long Crawl:

Finally warped the loom! Fiber Stash Twinkle Toes in the colorway StormCoast (no pic in the episode, but there’s one on my Instagram)

You Go, Guys!:

Fiber Stash/Kristie was accepted to CT Sheep & Wool! (She has also offered to sponsor a giveaway – let me know if you’re interested!)

Betsy of PatPat’s Hats was recognized as one of The 100

Shout-out to everyone who has joined the new Ravelry group! (Also, check out yarntalk’s video podcast, Why I Knit)

On the Edge:

Glitter dipped mugs are on my crafting horizon

Birchbox came – I really enjoyed the Cynthia Rowley Beauty Creamy Lip Stain, but I would purchase in a more neutral color. I also liked the Harvey Prince Hello perfume.

Binge-watching 90s shows, specifically The Sentinel and Frasier

War and Peace – I am back to reading it. Thought I’d gotten out of the war and into the peace, but nope, still war.

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The Uncreative Crafter Episode 3: Beige Donkeys

Finished Objects:

Sockhead Hat in Dream in Color Smooshy, colorway Blue Lagoon

Melody Scarf in Jojoland Melody Superwash, colorway MS16

Good Fibrations 100% merino, named Tequila Sunrise by me, 286 yards Navajo plyed

(I also talk about rehoming the Amanda Hat from the last episode.)


My friend gave me her leftover Plymouth Yarn Neon Now in the 0001 pink/purple colorway

The Long Crawl:

Plymouth Yarn Happy Feet socks (I was using the needles for the Sockhead, so they are up next)

Working on:

Fiber Stash scarf, which needs to be warped, in silver/gray and StormCoast colorways on the Twinkle Toes base

Inglenook Fibers spinning (I mention brown bag spinning, which I slightly modified from brown bag knitting via Just One More Row)

Spinning Group:

I learned how to ply on the fly! I’m awful at it.

Start Saving For:

Support spindles (just saw one in action!)

A new ballwinder – Strauch or Nancy’s Knit Knacks? Any suggestions?

A fringe twister

On the Edge:

Birchbox (just signed up for it – very excited!)

War and Peace – I WILL finish this book

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The Uncreative Crafter Episode 2: Tales from the Blue Lagoon

I seem to have done it again! Welcome to Episode 2 of The Uncreative Crafter, Tales from the Blue Lagoon. I’ve learned my lesson: orange salt lamp + orange shirt = too much orange!

Finished Objects:

Amanda Hat in Punta Yarns Merisoft Hand Painted Aran, colorway HP64

Seasons scarf, woven in Cascade 220 in black for the warp and Ella Rae Seasons in colorway 1 for the weft (I get this wrong in the video, whoops!)

Stash: nothing

The Long Crawl:

100% merino spinning from Good Fibrations

Plymouth Yarn Happy Feet socks (I’ve done the flap, need to turn the heel)

Working on:

Sockhead Hat in Dream in Color Smooshy in the Blue Lagoon colorway (stashed since 3/2009; working on for the Just One More Row podcast’s Clean Slate Challenge)

Weaving a scarf: warp & weft are both Jojoland Melody Superwash in the MS16 colorway (stashed since 9/2010; not eligible for the Clean Slate Challenge as it’s weaving)

Name The Colorway!:

YouTube commenter Rayania suggested I name these kinds of colorways; I dubbed the Jojoland Mermaid Tail

What I Got For Christmas:

12 dent rigid heddle for my Cricket loom

Gleener (first heard about on Ready, Set, Knit!)

Drafting: The Long and Short of It DVD by Abby Franquemont (I also mention her Respect the Spindle book)

Doomsday Knits (I mention Thrumivator by Michele of PDX Knitterati)

The Fleece & Fiber Sourcebook (I also mention In Sheep’s Clothing and The Knitter’s Book of Wool)

On The Edge:

Wreck This Journal (I first heard about this on Wovenflame’s blog; here is her first post on it)

I bought art supplies! Oil, acrylic and watercolor paints, which also came with oil pastels

Fitbit Flex (wanna friend me on Fitbit? Let me know!)

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The Uncreative Crafter Episode 1: And There Goes the Bag

Welcome to the first (and hopefully not the last) episode of my video podcast, The Uncreative Crafter. Thanks for giving it a watch, and please feel free to offer up any critiques or suggestions for next time!

Working on:
Stockinette Magic Loop Socks, Plymouth Yarn Happy Feet colorway 21 (work project)
Amanda Hat, Punta Yarns Merisoft Hand Painted Aran colorway HP64
Weaving a scarf: warp is black Cascade 220, weft is Ella Rae Seasons in colorway 1
Spinning: 100% Merino from Good Fibrations (no colorway name; I’m calling it Tequila Sunset)

Madelinetosh Tosh Vintage, Manor colorway
Knit Picks Stroll Brights Vibrant Violet
Knit Picks Felici Rainbow
Knit Picks Felici Time Traveler

Conversation Starter:
How did you first learn to do your craft? Tell me your origin story!
Knitting since 2004, crocheting since 2008, spinning with my wheel since 2013, weaving since 2014

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No, not the group from Pitch Perfect (although I watched that for the first time this weekend). Hubs and I went to go see Rockapella last night – was it really only last night? Wow – and of course I’d brought my knitting. I got in a few rows before thing settled down.


We were almost in the last row, but we were in the dead center, so that was good. We’ve seen these guys before and they put on a great show! I grew up watching Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego, and even though many of the group members are not the same, it’s a wonderful feeling knowing that music like this has outlasted much of the other stuff I listened to growing up. Also, the vocal percussionist complimented my necklace at the CD signing, so. I might have squeed all the way home, you don’t know.

P.S. No worries, we’ll be back to our regularly-scheduled lack of posts shortly.

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FO: Pathways


Pattern: Pathways by Erica Harbin

My Ravelry project page: Here ya go!

Yarn: Tidal Yarns, 48 grams. It doesn’t have much info on the label, and the label is lost on my kitchen table somewhere, but it seems to have been a worsted two-ply. I bought it back in 2010 at Vermont Sheep & Wool.

Timeline: 11.9.14 – ??? (man, I am just really bad at keeping track of finishing things these days)

Needles: US size 6, Magic Loop

Size: indicated in pattern

My Modifications: I think the only thing I didn’t do was read the instructions for the ribbing, so I had to fudge a little in the first row. I Magic Looped with the longest cable in my interchangeable needle set, which was difficult, but doable. I did purchase a longer cable after this knit, though!

Opinions: I had wanted to use old yarn, and 2010 counts for sure! I did want to make a Habitat that fit, but gauge was not in my favor. While watching Once Upon a Time, I really fell in love with all of their knits, and was so excited to find free patterns for many of them. It was a great, easy-to-follow pattern that offers a lot of bang to keep you interested. I would definitely knit it again!

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FO: Christmas Socks


Pattern: Favorite Socks, by Voolenvine

Yarn: Knit Picks Felici in the colorway Jingle, 52 grams/approximately 266.7 yards

Timeline: 11.14.14 – ???

Needles: US size 0

Size: 64 stitches


My Modifications: I did an afterthought heel to preserve the striping. I learned a lot from my last pair of socks. I didn’t micromanage the yarn, and that did lead to a quirky strip on one of the heels, but I don’t care! I also decreased for the heel and then knitted additional plain rounds to try and round it out a bit more. They’re not perfect, but I’m getting there more and more with each pair!

Opinions: Well, so far I’m in the Felici camp. I bought this yarn when I heard it was discontinued, and what a pleasure to knit with! I can’t speak to the sturdiness or washability of the yarn, but it was an enjoyable experience and it was fun to work with self-striping! Would buy again (and did, at the sale, but that’s another blog post …).

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FO: 90s Socks


Pattern: No specific pattern, just me playing with numbers.

Yarn: Plymouth Yarn Neon Now in the colorway 01 pink/purple, approximately 57 grams/248.5 yards

Timeline: 6.22.14 – 11.14.14

Needles: US size 0

Size: 64 stitches

My Modifications: Well, it’s easy to modify when you aren’t using a specific pattern. There are specific notes on my Ravelry project page, if you’re interested in the scattered thoughts popping around in my brain. I did an afterthought heel as practice, and I’m not completely sold on it yet. I did end up having to rip out the toe and add an additional 18 rows because I don’t math good. (I did learn that I have the skill to pick up the correct stitches and rip back properly, so that’s something.)

Opinions: I spent most of my formative years in the 90s, so when I saw this yarn at my old LYS, I had to buy it. It seems pretty sturdy, and I think it will stand up to wear well. A word of warning: the wash bled HOT PINK. And then some more hot pink. And then pink. And then muted pink. I finally gave up. These will be hand-wash separate for a while.

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FO: Easy Stripey Gauntlets

Pattern: Easy Stripey Gauntlets, included in a kit by Kama Suutra Fiber Arts

Yarn: Kama Suutra Fiber Arts Skinny Stripes in the Lipstick & Leather colorway, approximately 53 grams (I’d love to tell you yardage, but it’s not listed)

Timeline: 5.15.14 – 11.9.14

Needles: US size 2 bamboo circulars, 120 cm long

Size: Sm/M, elbow length

My Modifications: Not many – I followed the pattern for the most part. I think I made the thumb hole a bit smaller than the pattern said as I felt it was pretty big. I edited a few parts in the pattern to make more sense to me, but as it came in a kit, I don’t think it makes much sense to tell you what I did.


Opinions: I bought this yarn four years ago at the WEBS tent sale – she was a vendor in the parking lot. Four years ago, I totally intended to wear these, but learning how to Magic Loop was intimidating. I finally got around to starting them and realized they’d be much better for someone else, so off they’ve gone.

The yarn is quirky. I don’t quite know how to describe it – it’s almost like it’s got elastic in it and it’s a bit kinked, but it’s 100% superwash merino. It was enjoyable to work with, and I have enough left over to make a few pairs of mitts, which I’ll probably do. The dye job is quite nice, as well, and I don’t remember any significant bleeding.

This is the pattern I taught myself to Magic Loop on, and while it’s not the first project I finished, it remains the first, warts and all. I’m very glad to have added this tool to my toolbox and I use it frequently. I liked having everything in the kit, as well. I will definitely keep an eye out for more of her yarns.

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FO: Thank God it’s Sock Day

Pattern: Thank God it’s Sock Day (clues downloaded individually), Ravelry-only

Yarn: Three Irish Girls Adorn Sock in the colorway Waterlilies, approximately 51 grams/219.3 yards

Timeline: 5.7.14 – 10.9.14

Needles: US size 0 aluminum DPNs, 5 total

Size: 64 stitches

My Modifications: I used the Twisted German Cast-On over two needles to make sure they were loose enough to fit my calves. When I got to the heel flap, I knit one row plain to get me to the WS. If I knit this pattern again, I would start with the RS for the heel flap. I also misread the toe decreases, so I ended up with  32 stitches – they’re a bit short, but wearable.


Opinions: I won this yarn in a contest, and wanted to try some more complicated socks. I think I should have let the yarn do the talking, though. I wish now I had made the larger size, as these are so stretched-out on my calves I don’t think they look very good. They are definitely wearable, but I don’t think it was the best yarn/pattern match, and that’s my own fault. The pattern is easy enough to follow, and all mistakes made were my own. I appreciated that it was free, and I would consider using it again with everything I know now.

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